Cultural Kitchen

A few weeks back, the folks from Cultural Kitchen visited with us. We showed them how Sooji Halwa (Sheera) is made and shared some of our own personal stories with them. We wanted to share this video with you all.

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0 thoughts on “Cultural Kitchen

  1. Hi H & A,

    Great video 🙂 nice background music 🙂 thanks for putting up the ksheera recipe…it’s one of my fav desserts 🙂

  2. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    Very glad to have met SMTC.

    I am a person quite new for “cooking”. It was only after my marriage this May 2012, did I start cooking everyday. Until then, it was occasional cooking at maiden home and some dessert making. But now, I need to make the 3 courses quicker and effective..without much compromise on the taste. Lucky for me, my husband understands that I am a learner. 🙂 But it is up to me now to better my cooking. That’s when I was constantly/randomly browsing many many recipes and websites and came across SMTC. I started observing that SMTC had great recipes, easily explained with tips and that I was always landing up with SMTC recipes for my cooking trials (happy about that!).

    I am now a SMTC subscriber and looking forward for more of good cooking from me. 🙂

    For this Diwali, I will try n make Ksheera and dedicate this dessert to you and your family. Happy Diwali.

    Warm Regards,

  3. Hey,

    You ladies are superb!I am sure most of the woman out there are inspired by you in cooking and blogging! 🙂 You guys just rock! I and my friend Bhagya have also started our own website, after being inspired from you ofcourse (that goes without saying!). It’s called Chef In Us! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes that have helped us in improvising our cooking passion! Your ladies rock!

    Sowmya ( Chef in Us)

    1. Hi Sowmya,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. We are always so humbled by our viewers. We wish you and your friend Bhagya all the best with your blog.

  4. Hi Ladies,

    What a fabulous video-diary, it celebrates so much in just a few minutes and has shown us another dimension to your lives. I particularly loved the wedding photos and the family scenes around the table, you really are blessed.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Milady x

  5. gracias for this one girls, love it, not just the recipe, but letting us share your memories 🙂 cheers from a “Showmethe curry” fan!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      We got this pan from TJMaxx but it does not have a brand name on it. There is something similar called “green pan” that may work as well.

  6. Cool.. I saw these pictures on your facebook account!! Nice video, and background music!!!

    Okay, now that said, where did you find your dinning table, it is sooo nice & Indian, Amazing 🙂

    Besides that, my best friend is moving to US in a little while, and I was like see this website, and I wish to do something entrepreneurial with you, like them 😉

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