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  1. How did you choose your tour? Did you book the city tour or did you guys went individual. We do like to see all this place in 2 days ..can you recommend any site or how you 2 did it? We both are trying to get our hotel near Eiffel tower.thanks for all your help in advance.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      Lucky you! Definitely wear comfortable shoes because there is A LOT of walking. Try to purchase tickets for the attractions beforehand else you’ll wait hours and hours in line. Tickets to the Eiffel Tower can be purchased on line. Just pick a time you want to go and show up at a really short line with your printout. Spend the extra bucks to go all the way to the top…really worth it! At restaurants, order wine (its cheaper than water) ;).

      1. Thanks so much for your expert advice!BTW where is that place where u had crepes,my son wants to have it infact he insisted on playing ur video before going to paris and i ended up seeking ur advice!

        Thanks again,wishing u both a merry x;mas and a happy new year!!!!!!!!

        1. Hi Shalu,

          I don’t remember exactly what the area was called but it is easy to find. Diagonally across from Notre Dame, there is an entire area filled with little restaurants and shops. It is on your right side before you reach the church. Happy holidays to you and your family and enjoy your trip.

  2. Great Video!! Where else will you guys go? I suggest going to Turkey, Greece, or an Arabic Country, we have a great cusine as well (:

  3. Hi Hetal,
    I’m living in France and all I can say to you is : if you want to eat some very VERY good crΓƒΒͺpes, you should go to Bretagne next time you’re in France! It’s in the west of the country and here you can enjoy some real and incredible crΓƒΒͺpes and “galettes” !
    Yummy, i can’t wait to go back in Bretagne πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Hetal,

    Good to see your around the world video.Was wondering if you have the You are beautiful video from that singer? He really is a master!!! Thanks.


  5. I haven’t made it to Paris yet, but I will someday! Thanks for sharing, and please keep those great recipes coming! So, did you try any of the local Indian restaurants? Curious if there is a French take on that as well? If the Brits gave us Tikka Masala, what might the French have done with Indian cuisine!?!?

    1. What’s your problem? If you don’t wanna see it, don’t. It their website and we are happy for it!

      Personally, its nice to see the food made fresh and authentically from various parts of the world. I like these series.

  6. Hi,
    Beautiful video. I love the way that lady made those crepes. Mouth watering πŸ™‚ I am already craving for those crepes. But i think i will make fake Crepes just to satisfy my craving. Got this recipe from Food Network. Just take whole wheat tortilla. Heat a tawa/pan with about a tablespoon of butter. Spread nutella over the tortilla & fry it in the tawa ( just like we make dosas). Then add coconut just like the lady in the video & Ta Da Fake Crepes are ready !
    Keep Rocking!

  7. Great Video..U look fablous as always..Thanks for sharing teh video with us..By the way, I cant find Bajreki roti video anymore…what happend..pls reply..

    1. Hi Sree,

      We were having some issues with the video so we had to take it down. We will have it up again when the issue is resolved.

  8. Great job there!! The video was really good! We are going to Paris soon as well, can you share with us where you had great food with reasonable price? thank you very much!!!

    1. Hi Hira,

      There is an area near Notre Dame that has streets and streets of restaurants, all right next to each other. Sorry I forgot what it was called but you can’t miss it. It is a great place to try out all different types of cuisines. Unfortunately, nothing is that reasonable in Paris :(.

  9. Hello Hetal,

    i’m living in Paris, It would be a great pleasure to be your guide and take you in some very french and very good restaurant. Are – you still in Paris ? Sorry for me bad english. Have a nice hollyday time.

    Best regards


  10. I would have liked the crepe with a fruit filling instead of the nutella and the coconut. Loved how she made it though. That was very cool.

  11. The buckwheat pancake looks delish. Hetal did you go to the Jewish Marais ? I’ve have had the BEST falafel in the world over there. Yes waited for about an hour for a table. I can’t remember the name but had a scrumptious 5 course vegetarian meal at a gorgoeus French Restaurant. I was surprised at their creativeness. Wonderful video.

    1. By the way, is there any series coming up of ‘around the world’ or something of that sort? I actually still did not understand the concept although I LOVED the videos πŸ™‚

      1. Hi KR,

        “Around the World with SMTC” is just our way of showing our viewers different cuisines from different countries and places. We hope to take that knowledge and incorporate it into the Fusion section of ShowMeTheCurry.com.

  12. Lovely video! Hats off for posting these around the world videos. Are their french fries anything like what we make here in india or is there something different about them?

    I like the crepe part the best:) and what she used to even out the batter.

  13. Wow, this is a great additoon to your repertoire. Hope you had a fantastic trip! Thanks for this informative video. Now I could do with one of those nutella crepes. The way she made it and her razor sharp movements were a treat to watch. I just noticed she sued her bare hands, probably something we are not used to USA side =).

  14. Hetal thanks for the trip around Paris!!!!It was a great video.Also, where is the post on Bajra ki roti??I wanted to make some and now I do not find it anymore..

  15. Hi Hetal,

    ‘Around the world’ is really very nice initiative. We are not only getting to see the cuisines but also different countries, world famous places, cultures etc. This will definitely help me when I will plan for my Europe trip!

    I really thank you with all my heart for these efforts! Keep this coming!!


  16. That was really nice. I loved the way the lady was making the Crepe….simply playing in the hot tawa. It was really good.

    You look great and trendy outfit. Btw, when did you guys visited Paris ?

  17. Hi Hetal,

    You are looking very trendy and fit. Could feel the pulse of holiday mood, especially as you are in my neighbourhood. So I can guess your next destination will be London. Just wondering after enjoying such sumptious meals how do you maintain yourself so slim? Any tips!!!

    I loved to see the way that lady was making crepe (pancake) – Nutella-coconut filling. Her hands were just floating on the flat pan…! Excellent.

    Thanks for the video.

    1. Hi Rohini,

      Thanks so much! I LOVE food so I really do not deny myself of anything. I just make sure I eat sensible portions and exercise, exercise, exercise! πŸ™‚

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