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  1. Dear Hetel and Anuja,i am a member of your website and it has been many months since i have recieved any recipes to my e-mail address .
    have you stopped doing this or is there another problem?
    I very much miss getting your recipe emails.
    please let me know
    thanking you

  2. I was in Miami on the may long weekend. Loved your video esp the king of monkeys sipping iced tea :). Where is anuja here? Hetal I don’t know how you manage your weight after eating yummylicious food!!

  3. Hate to be that guy but that So called Vegetarian mexican dish is really not..

    That cheese is made slaughter cow enzymes….Just saying!!!!!!

    1. Same with those beans (Spoiler alert-they are boiled with ham hock in the mix almost all of the times)unless otherwise mentioned refired beans contain lard (that is pork fat)!

      1. I was going to say that also but sometimes places don’t do it due to the Jewish community….As a hardcore vegan ill pass on both 🙂

      2. Hi Angel,

        My first question to the server at Mexican restaurants is whether they use lard, bacon fat, etc for their beans. 🙂 I am not as strict with cheese.

  4. Thanks for Sharing Hetal. I have changed my anniversary destination from Jamaica to Miami now. I never saw a monkey swimming before.
    ps: you look lovely 🙂

    1. Hi Shilpi,

      Thanks! Having been to Jamaica myself, I don’t know if you’d want to change your anniversary destination. Both are beautiful and fun places. Jamaica is more laid back and Miami is more “happening” 🙂

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