Prawn Caldine

Submitted by: Gizzel Dsouza


½ kg. Prawns ( Shelled & de veined)
3 – 4 green chillies
1 cup coconut milk
3 tsp. ginger garlic paste
¼ tsp pepper powder
1 tsp. turmeric
1 tsp cumin powder
1 onion
Small ball of tamarind
2 tbsp. oil
2 tbsp. chopped coriander leaves
Salt to taste


1.Grind onion and ginger garlic paste along with tamarind and all the dry powders into a fine paste.
2. Heat oil and fry the ground masala well till you get a good aroma.
3. Add prawns and continue frying. Add little water if required.
4. When prawns are half cooked add coconut milk and slit green chillies.
5. Add salt as per taste.
6. Cook covered on slow fire for few minutes till prawns are cooked.
7. Garnish with coriander leaves.
8. Serve hot with steamed white rice or idlis.

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0 thoughts on “Prawn Caldine

  1. Hi Hetal & Anuja:
    Sahib Jee

    Just a comment (Constructive)

    You might want to make an exclusive section for Recipes submitted by members / whoever

    It is a tad disconcerting when calling up a recipe only to be told that it was submitted by someone and no Video to boot…..Frankly I did not find any NICE recipes submitted by WANNA.BEES

    Preserving your recipes in sections BELONGING to “HETAL & ANUJA” would be much more desirable

    But then “Who am I to say anything….Hamari Baat to Waisay bhi koi suntaa nahin”

    Keep up the good work


    1. Hi Jagmohan,

      Thank you for your constructive comment :). The user submitted recipes are from years ago when we were trying something new. We have not had those for years now. Unfortunately, they have been indexed by the search engines and if we delete them now, the users will get an error. Its better if they find our site and see all the great recipes and videos that we do have :).

  2. i would like to see different types of prawn curry and prawn pulao.
    being a vegetarian while cooking prawn how do i make out if the prawns are done.

    1. Let me take this opportunity to shed some light

      1. Why are you cooking Prawns if you are a vegetarian?
      2. If Mian-jee wants to eat prawns, LET him TAKE YOU OUT TO A Chinese Resturant
      – Dharam Kuun BHRUSHT KARNA HAI?

      Jokes aside…Prawns are averse to HEAT…Notice they turn PINK / RED almost as soon as they are put in PAN

      I think you mean SHRIMPS (Out here, one rarely gets PRAWNS)

      Shrimps CURL UP while they are being fried.

      Shrimps CAN BE EATEN RAW….So why bother cooking them

      IF you must cook them, Saute’ them for a COUPLE OF MINUTES

      Sorry HETAL and ANUJA
      Did I steal your thunder?

      Pardonne Moi Mon Cheri

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