Summer Movies – Part 3 – August

Oh yes!!! They did save the best for last…look out for these wonderful and exciting releases that are lined up for August…



Bratz Family

The fashionable dolls come to life, only to deal with the socioeconomic stresses of high school cliques.

Charlie BartlettFamily

An unpopular teen changes course by becoming his high school’s unofficial psychiatrist.

The Bourne UltimatumAction

He lost his memory, then his girlfriend. Now Jason Bourne is getting payback.

Hot Rod Comedy

A young stuntman attempts the feat of his life in order to raise money for his hated stepfather.


There’s no need to fear! The live-action movie adaptation of the classic cartoon is here.



Daddy Day Camp Family

With the success of their Daddy Day Care, Charlie and Phil take on a summer camp.



Rush Hour 3Action

Mis-matched cops reunite in Paris to track down assassins and not understand the words coming out of their mouths.

Stardust Action

A young man retrieves a fallen star and is sent on an adventure into a Faerie realm.



Superbad Comedy

Before heading for college, two high school seniors deal with seperation anxiety and try to meet girls.

The InvasionHorror

Nicole Kidman tries to save herself and her son from an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.



Resurrecting the ChampDrama

A reporter finds a homeless former boxing champ, and believes he can revive both their careers.



Mr. Bean’s Holiday Comedy

The clumsy Englishman attempts to holiday at the beach – if only he can find his way there.




Michael Myers gets out of an institution, puts on a mask, and goes on a killing spree. Again.

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