Summer Movies – Part 2 – July

Harry Potter Fans bet you can’t wait for the next,

Hang on Robin William Fans; he’s up to his tricks again in July,

And all of us who watch Simpsons secretly, time to come out in the open…

July is for all of the above and everyone else.

Save these dates for a date with your favorite stars

And don’t miss out on the fun lined up for July.




They are more than meets the eye. They are robots in disguise. And they are at war.

License to WedComedy

Marriage counselor Robin Williams puts a couple through

bizarre tests to make sure they are ready for marriage.



Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixAction

Adolescent rebellion takes on a whole new dimension when the teens have magical powers.

Captivity Horror

Held hostage and terrorized by a serial killer, a model and chauffer (naturally) fall in love.

The StrangersHorror

In a remote suburban house, a young couple is terrorized by three masked strangers.




“You just can’t stop the beat” of the movie version of the Broadway musical version of the John Waters movie.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & LarryComedy

Two heterosexual firefighters who marry for the insurance benefits have to play a convincing ay couple.



No ReservationsComedy

A top chef tries to keep things cooking when a young girl is suddenly added to her plate.

The Simpsons MovieComedy

An eight-fingered yellow-skinned family from Springfield, USA must save the world from the distaste their father created.

I Know Who Killed MeHorror

A woman escapes from a serial killer and must convince skeptics that others are still in danger

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