Summer Movies- Part 1- June, means ice creams, outdoors, camping, pool and amongst other things MOVIES!! So, here is a list of movies to watch-out for that are releasing this summer, with dates of release, Genre, brief description of the movies and a link to watch the trailers.

It promises to be a thrilling summer with something for everybody!!!

Part 1-June 2007


Knocked UpComedy

A pair who met for a one night stand tries to make it as a couple after she discovers she’s pregnant.

Mr. BrooksDrama

Kevin Costner’s alter ego William Hurt is addicted to killing people.


Hostel: Part 2Horror

Three young ladies backpacking through Europe stop at a quaint inn where people are tortured for sport.

Ocean’s ThirteenAction

Danny Ocean’s gang is back for one more job – this time with some unexpected help.

Surf’s UpFamily

Another behind-the-scenes look at competitive penguin surfing; but this time it’s animated.


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferAction

The first family of superheroes is back to confront a metallic nemesis as he prepares Earth for its destruction.

Nancy DrewFamily

The prim teen detective heads to modern-day Hollywood to solve mysteries and try to fit in.



Everybody who checks into Room 1408 dies. You could be next, John Cusack!

Evan AlmightyComedy

In this sequel to Bruce Almighty, God needs another ark and Steve Carell is his choice to build it.


Live Free or Die HardAction

John McClane is back to stop the bad guys, blow things up, rescue his daughter, and crack pithy one-liners.


Death at a FuneralComedy

A dysfunctional British family buries its patriarch, and discovers he wasn’t the man they thought he was.


Disney and Pixar animate a rat’s dream of becoming a gourmet chef in Paris.

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