Partner – Bollywood Movie Review – July 31, 2007

‘Do u wanna Partner O Partner..’ with the song in the top 10 of the
Indian charts, the trailer being shown every 5 minutes on Desi TV and
the combination of my son’s request, the song has been playing
constantly around me for the last few months.

I have to admit, the song numbers are very catchy and you can’t resist tapping your toes and drumming your fingers. The trailers looked funny enough to stir my
curiosity and as a (used-to-be) Salman Khan fan….all this was enough
to drag me to the theater to watch the movie, giving up the rights of
controlling the movie with a remote in my hand. The one thing that I
was trying to ignore thru all this was that Govinda is a part of this
deal. The critic reviews were pretty much all bad so off I went
equipped with that information and zero expectations.

Director – David Dhawan,
Starring – Salman Khan as Prem, Govinda as Bhaskar, Lara Dutta as Naina & Katrina Kaif as Priya.

Well, it is a David Dhawan movie and knowing that you just leave your
brains at home and go watch the movie. A very smart move on my
part!  The movie was a ‘come back’ for Govinda, who plays a
clumsy, ignorant, silly (very) guy (Bhaskar) who seeks the help of Prem
(Salman Khan) to help win over his boss Naina (Katrina Kaif). And where
does Naina (Lara Dutta) figure in all this…well, she was just there
for the sake of being there.  Katrina and Lara both looked good
but were lacking in the acting department (but I really don’t think
David Dhawan put them in the movie to act). Salman Khan was his usual
self…taking off his shirt at the drop of a hat and I am glad he did,
given a choice I’d rather see Salman without a shirt than Govinda! So
the bottom line is that Salman, the Love Guru helps Govinda win his
Lady love, Katrina. At this point, you are probably thinking…hmmm, the
story sounds familiar – no prizes for guessing, it is a copy of
‘Hitch’!….so Hitch with a desi angle. And for some reason, most Desi
Directors can just never get the ending right…they invariably mess up
and make the whole thing look cheesy. I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned
earlier, I did leave my brains at home and thank God for that.

Over all, songs were better than average, Govinda’s comic timing – he
still ‘has’ it (so I heard people say), Salman was OK and that everyone
else in the movie was there because they had to stretch the movie to 3 hours. Save
your money and see the movie once it comes out on DVD (even if you are
a BIG Govinda fan). It is watchable once BUT with the remote in your
hand. So, remember, brains outside, remote in hand, brains outside, remote in hand, brains……:-) 

Watch the movie preview:

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0 thoughts on “Partner – Bollywood Movie Review – July 31, 2007

  1. Awful movie. I really regretted watching it. Govinda seems to have lost his comic touch.It seems to inspired by hitch and I must may it’s an insult to the original movie.

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