Vegetable Manchurian, Indian-Chinese Cuisine

Indian Chinese is loved by everyone. How to best describe it? It is hard, but would say that it hits a note with the kick of spice and abundance of flavor. Growing up, going out for Indian-Chinese food on special occasions will forever be etched in my memory. This recipe for vegetable manchurian is like little veggie meatballs coated with an amazing Asian inspired sauce. Watch the mysteries of this fabulous Cuisine unfold before your eyes.

Prep Work: 25 Min.
Cook Time: 20 Min.
Serves: 4-6

For the Vegetable Manchurian balls:

Cabbage – 4 cups, finely shredded
Carrots – 2 cups, grated
Onion – 1 medium, finely chopped
Garlic – 4 large cloves, finely chopped
Green Chilies – to taste, finely chopped
Salt & Black Pepper – to taste
All-purpose Flour – 6 tbsp or as needed
Corn Starch – 2 1/2 Tbsp

Oil for deep frying

For the Sauce:

Oil – 1 Tbsp
Ginger – 2 Tbsp, minced
Garlic – 6 large cloves, chopped
Green Chilies – to taste, finely chopped
Soy Sauce – 1/4 cup
Sugar – 1 1/2 tsp
Corn Starch – 1.5 Tbsp
Vegetable Broth (stock) – 3 cups
Spring Onions – cut at a diagonal for garnishing


1. Heat the Oil well for deep-frying on medium heat.
2. Prep all the vegetables.
3. In a large bowl, mix the following: Cabbage, Carrots, Onions, Garlic & Green Chillies.
4. Mix gently but well.
5. Mix in Salt, Pepper, Corn Starch & Flour.
6. Sometimes, the Vegetables may need more or less Flour and Starch depending on the fine they have been shredded. Adjust those two as needed. You should be able to form a ball.
7. Form balls and drop into hot Oil and fry till golden on all sides.
8. Squeeze out all excess water as you go along will making the balls.
9. Remove into a paper towel. Fry all the Vegetable Manchurian Balls and keep aside.
10. For the gravy, take a wok and heat Oil (1 Tbsp) on medium flame.
11. Add Ginger, Garlic & Green Chilies and saute for 30 seconds.
12. Add in the Soy Sauce and mix.
13. In a separate bowl dilute the Corn Starch with some room temperature Stock or Broth. Mix well till there are no lumps.
14. Add in the balance of the Stock and mix into the wok.
15. Add in Sugar to balance.
16. Additional Soy Sauce or Sugar may be added to taste.
17. Bring the gravy to boil and allow it to thicken up a bit.
18. Once it is thick enough, turn off the flame.
19. Place your Manchurian Balls in a serving dish and pour the hot gravy over it.
20. Garnish with Spring Onions and serve Hot.


1. Do not fine shred the vegetables where they get limp and mushy.
2. Do not over-work the vegetables while mixing.
3. It is very important to prep all the vegetables when you are making Chinese or Indian Chinese Cuisine.
4. If you are making the Manchurian for a party, make the balls and keep them hot, make the gravy minus the corn starch. Add the Corn Starch and to the gravy the last possible minute and thicken up and add to the Manchurian Balls.

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0 thoughts on “Vegetable Manchurian, Indian-Chinese Cuisine

  1. Hi, is there a specific brand of soy sauce you use? The Kikoman sauce I recently bought tastes different compared to soy sauce in India. Thanks!

  2. Is there any chance I can make and manchurian balls and gravy ahead of time-maybe a day ahead and then put it together couples hrs before guests arrive?


    1. Hi Mary,

      Yes, since the texture of the manchurian balls is not meant to be crispy, you can make them ahead of time. It would work best if you reheated them in the oven and then poured the hot gravy over them. The gravy may thicken over time so you may have to add additional broth/water to thin it a bit.

  3. I would love to make chicken manchurian, what alterations do i have to make to this recipe? could you also add Chilli Chicken to your to do list. Thanks a ton, you guys rock πŸ™‚

  4. hello hetal n anuja

    PERFECT -The word that came to my mind when I tasted the manchurian.Once again I was showerd with praises from my husband all thanks to u.I hav tried 26 recipes of urs n all of them were great hits,,mwwwaaahhh to both of u,,,my valentines became so wonderful with ur manchurian n choc cake,,thnx heaps

  5. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    Your website is too good… I was looking for Indian Chinese Fried rice, Manchurian, hot n sour soup, sweet corn soup for such a long time, when i found them here, was v glad… I made veg Manchurian and fried rice with your recipe, and they both turned out AWESOME!!! made veg broth also with your recipe,and keep a stock of that always, so that whenever i have to cook Chinese, or soup, i always have it with me…
    thank u so much guys, it is really big effort what you both are doing…. πŸ™‚
    God bless you both!!!

    Keep coming up with new recipes!!!

  6. This sounds fantastic and it from the comments it looks like the balls are pretty stable once fried (translation for me: that I can fry them earlier in the day and serve them in the evening.)

    I’m considering the ‘too much water in the veges’ issue. I salt my cabbage, let some of the water leach out, and then rinse and pat it dry before I use it for cole slaw. Then the dressing isn’t watery the next day. I think I may try that with the cabbage in this recipe. It looks like there will still be enough moisture to interact with the dry ingredients and hold the ball together.

  7. I’m making these for dinner tonite was so tempted after viewing your video.
    I don’t have liquid vegetable stock but going to use the cubes hope it turns out.

    1. Hi JKhan,
      Broth/Stock have a lot of flavor so it adds a lot to the dish. You can use water but then, you will need to flavor it a lot more.

  8. Hi,
    I just need to know that can i keep the veg. manchurian ball in the fridge for a week, or i should freeze it. because i need it for next week but i made the balls today. please advice.

  9. hi

    I have just finishing making the vegetable manchurian (5 minutes ago!)using the recipe above. It tastes tastes delicious! thank you for the recipe.
    The only fault was that there wasn’t enough around for me!

    Thanks for the recipe

  10. Hi! I have tried a lot of manchurian recipes and somehow could never got it right. I tried your recipe. The idea to fry the manchurian balls immediately was perfect. not a single ball broke while frying but somehow i could nto get the dry texture inside. It turned out sticky and somewhat uncooked inside even if it was crispy outside. What do you think went wrong.

  11. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I tried making this vegeterian manchurian and they turned out so nice.I thank you both for giving such wonderful and delecious recipe.I and my hubby really love all your recipes.I had one problem my manchurian balls did not turn out to be crispy so can you tell me some tips to make them Crispy.I would really Appreciate it.Thanks.

    1. Hi Dhruti,

      This manchurian balls in this recipe are not meant to be really crispy. We have a video for Gobi Manchurian (Dry). In this recipe, they are really crispy.

  12. hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Thanks a lot for a wonderful recipe. I have a question – can i freeze the manchurian balls and use it when needed. Please suggest me , i want to serve this wonderful recipe as an appetiser in party for 20 people.

    1. Hi Rajini,

      Once the balls are fried, yes…you can freeze them. Wait for them to cool to room temp and freeze them in a ziploc bag. You can thaw them when you need them and drop them into the sauce.

  13. This recipe is nice, it’s a tad bit difficult to get the vegetables to form into a ball. Once you get over that, it’s a roll though.

    1. Hi, i tried manchurian but I dnt have corn flour and i m in rush and guests are coming soon..can u pls advise soething else instead of starch to thicken my gravy


  14. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I tried manchurian today!…It came out so good. I used the sauce from Gobi manchurian:)!..just amazing!…
    But one thing I noticed…while I was eating I was still feeling a little bit of flour…do u know it is because the balls weren’t cooked well enough?..but they were golden brown?…or it is because of corn starch in the sauce?..I am learning cooking so I am totally a new cook:)..Thanks again!…my family loved it:)

    1. Hi S R,
      From what you have described, sounds like the balls were cooked from the outside but not inside. When the oil temperature is not right, usually too hot, that is what happens πŸ™
      But glad you were able to enjoy them πŸ™‚

  15. Wow! This manchurian recipe was amazing! Today will be my #nd time making it and i can’t wait. They turned out really good and tasted just like restaurant style ones. Thanks! My parents and friends loved them too!

  16. Hey Hetal and Anuja,
    I have to tell you this. My husband has not cooked even once since the day we got married. Yesterday, when I was watching your video, I asked him if he can cook for me(just for fun) and he made vegetable manchurian and it was awesome. He told me he could not have done it with any other recipe other than yours.
    Only sad thing.. the kitchen looked like as if a hurricane had swept in there. But aaah… no gain without pain.
    I am usually lazy in writing comments. But I wanted you both to know this πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Narmada,

      Thanks so much for the feedback…we really appreciate it. You have to tell your hubby we have many more “easy” recipes for him to try ;).

      1. hey!

        I’m an 18 year old who didn’t know how to spend her summer holidays until she found an amazing site which has absolutely changed her boring holidays. You guys have given amazing recipes and it is so easy to follow. I thank you endlessly. I tried your manchurian balls today and cooked for 6 and i received nothing but praises. Thank you guys. This site really is a boon for beginners and professionals and i’m planing to cook most of your recipes:)
        Thank you

        1. Hi Nisha,
          What a wonderful email, thanks and you have put a BIG smile on our faces πŸ™‚ We are always pleased to hear about SMTC inspiring folks to cook and enjoy the process πŸ™‚
          Thanks for your feedback πŸ™‚

  17. HI,

    I tried this receipe and it was so delicious. My husband really enjoyed it, however it turned out a little salty, but was gr8 esp the veg Manchurian balls.

  18. I have used the cole slaw mix found next to the bagged salads in supermarkets..this way you do not have to get cabbagge and carrots and shred them separately! Saves a lot of time!

  19. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for wonderful recipes. I do have a question- nobody in my family likes soy sauce, can you suggest an alternative? I know mainly it is for color and saltiness plus some flavor. Do you think tomato sauce would work?


    1. Hi RG,

      You can just omit the soy sauce and use vinegar, a bit of sugar, and salt. Of course the flavor will not be the same, but then since you don’t like soy sauce, you won’t miss it :).

  20. Hi Guys,

    I have been waiting for this recipe since long…. As it was disaster when ever I made, But this time it was awesome…Superhit

    I have tried this last week and it was yum yum yum….. I made a Chinese fried rice tooo…. which made me a good meal….


    1. Hi Smitha,
      For the dry version, there are 2 variations:
      1. you can either put very very little broth…just enough to coat the manchurian balls.
      2. Use the same recipe as the sauce for the Gobi Manchurian (check the video on our site)

      If you are making for appetizers, we suggest you make smaller size manchurian balls.

  21. wow another tasty indo chiense receipes…..
    i have 1 question for yuou….
    cant you upload 1 receipe every day? i just cant wait for every monday to check your new receipes,
    because you add such a wonderful receipes….

    another help:
    i am having Havan in our new home,
    can you please help me deciding menu?
    i want to make Gujarati dal, and shiro but give me some ideas on Subzis.

    i will be very greatful to you if you can help me.


    sheenal Patel

    1. Hi Sheenal,

      We would love to release a new video everyday, but we are full time moms and wives :). Considerable time and effort goes into pre-production, production and post-production for all of our videos so we can do only so much. We try to consistently upload 2-3 videos every week…usually two recipes and one tip.

      Regarding your menu, Sukhi Bhaji goes really well with Gujarati Daal and Shiro. Here is the link:

      If you want a quick side dish, Sambharo is also a Gujarati staple:

  22. Hi Ladies

    Can i use Corn flour instead of corn starch.

    In general can we substitute any one for the other in receipes? Does it change the tastes?


  23. You are wonderful cooks !
    I donÒ€ℒt know off the top of my head which edition I have, probably the 1997, but it is my favorite cookbook Ò€¦ and I have dozens and dozens of cookbooks. IÒ€ℒve yet to make a recipe from it that didnÒ€ℒt get rave reviews. People think my pecan pie is an old family recipeÒ€¦

  24. hey hetal and anuja,

    thank you so much for this receipe…. i really wnated to learn how to make this……… and you just made it simple………
    a very happy new year to you both!!!1

  25. Hi Hetal & Anuja,,
    Thanks a bunch 4 great recipies,,,,Uttarayan is coming can u guys give us receipes for Chikii & Undhiyu,,that w’d be great…
    Thanks in advance,,,,

  26. Try adding finely chopped onions,after u fry ginger and garlic,then add finely chopped bell peppers(any colour),green beans cut diagonally,(any veggies of your choice) a little chilli sauce,and finally a dash of white vinegar and soy sauce & corn flour in the end.It gives a pure chinese kind of taste. Thats the way I make it. do try i am sure u will love the taste for sure.It’s yummy & nutritious,full of greens!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Something I learnt from my experiences… boil vegetables and remove the water using a cheese cloth squeese out as much water from the vegetables as you can – use this water later on for your gravy instead of the store bought stock. Run the vegetables in a food processor for one or two rounds.. the vegetables should not become a paste but should still be a little coarse.. I add some cooked rice to make the balls.. that way it takes less corn starch and all purpose flour.
    The balls when fried come out really crisy… works well for dry manchurian as well!

  28. hi hetal&anuja !

    A very happy new year to both of you and your family….

    thankyou for the great reciepe! I came from work and I brows your website for any new reciepes and got excieted to see this one! owesome !

    just one thing ! is it possible for you to give me an idea how to make the vegetable broth @ home? cuz I checked our grocery stores they only had chicken broths.. no veges.. If you can give me a quick response how to make that at home that will be much appreciated ! thankyou very much !
    have a great day!

    1. I have used frozen mixed vegetables and they have tasted really good… plus I sneak any vegetables that the kids do not like in these balls – like grated gourds etc!

    2. Hi Alexa,

      Yes, you can use cauliflower and broccoli. However, broccoli has a very distinct taste so it may overpower the other flavors.

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