Rasgulla Ice-Cream Pudding

Submitted By: Namrata Wadhwani


Vanilla ice cream 1 brick
White Rasgulla 8-10 pcs
Cadbury brown chocolate 1 large
Almonds 15-20 (grind)


1. Squeeze the juice from the rasgulla and mash well.
2. In a big bowl mix melted vanilla ice cream and rasgulla properly.
3. Shift this mixture into a serving dish and decorate it by grating chocolate.
4. Spread all the almonds and freeze it for 2 hrs (minimum) before serving.

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0 thoughts on “Rasgulla Ice-Cream Pudding

  1. what is one brick of vanilla ice cream? they come in containers, is it okay to use kulfi? would that be richer? please reply asap if possible.

    1. i have used so many flavours of ice cream for this pudding but the best combo is plain vanilla and white rasgulla…

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