Bonding Over Chai – Chocolate Dome Dessert

This time round for our YouTube Live, we timed it for Valentine’s Day and figured we’d connect with all of you and show a fun (yet easy) dessert idea.
The Chocolate Dome, it’s simple but looks complicated, so there are 3 possibilities that could arise from you making it for your Valentine’s:

a. assume you got it from a restaurant and love you for it
b. you have worked very, VERY hard to make this and love you for it
c. you’ve been taking cooking lessons on the sly and love you for it

Any which way, you win!

So this session of Bonding with Chai, we talked about the importance of giving videos a thumbs up and ringing that bell, even if you have subscribed to the channel – very important and if you want to get notifications, you got to ring that bell! Same goes for the Social Media, if you don’t interact with the posts, you will not get our posts in your feed.

Some of the other topics:
– meal planning
– Hetal’s tattoo
– ShowMeTheCurry has a new look
– importance of sharing videos
– feedback for YouTube Live

And LOTS more. Check out the video and stay connected with us.

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10 thoughts on “Bonding Over Chai – Chocolate Dome Dessert

  1. I love these bonding over chai sessions, we get to know a lot more about you and it’s great to see your friendship flourish.

    Anuja – I know you’ve got to keep us entertained whilst Hetal does the practical demonstration, not easy at all and I think you do a fine job. Keep feeding us the anecdotes as well as the recipes ?

  2. Love your show,no more moves to Chicago? Keep up the good work.I think google is the way to go ,I personally don’t use Facebook and have no interest in doing so .

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