Sweet Indian Dosa – Vella Dosai

Submitted By: Manikandan


2 cups Wheat Flour
1/4 cup Rice Flour
1 teaspoon Cardamon powder
3 cups Jaggery (South Asian unrefined sugar)
Ghee for pan-frying


1. Put jaggery in a bowl, add 1 cup water and heat over low flame till all the jaggery melts.
2. Optional – Filter this using a thin sieve. Allow it to cool.
3. Add in Wheat Flour, Rice flour and Cardamom Powder.
4. Mix well to form a batter (Same consistency as a dosa batter)
5. Heat a griddle/Tawa and proceed the same way as making a Dosa or Adai.
6. Use a little bit of Ghee for pan-frying.
7. Serve hot.

ShowMeTheCurry Notes:
Thanks, Manikandan! Awesome recipe. I am sure it is very popular with the kids.

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