Masala Egg Paratha

Looking for a hearty and healthy weekend breakfast idea? Running out of things to feed the kids after school, filling enough to keep them happy until dinner? Look no further. This wonderful Indian recipe for Masala Egg Paratha is perfect. With it’s fun presentation, everyone will be asking for more.


Basic Chapati/Paratha Dough – click here for the recipe
Eggs – 1 for every 2 Paratha
Tomatoes – Finely chopped (as needed, to taste)
Onions – Finely chopped (as needed, to taste)
Cilantro – Finely chopped (as needed, to taste)
Green Chilies – Finely chopped (as needed, to taste)
Salt – to taste

Any or all of the following (to taste):

Red Chili Powder
Chaat Masala
Coriander Powder
Cumin Powder

For the Cheese version, add any kind of shredded cheese (preferably one that melts). For kids, you can add only cheese to the beaten eggs.


1. Beat Eggs and mix all of the above ingredients (except dough) together with the beaten
eggs. Keep aside.
2. Roll out a golf ball size portion of dough into a 4-5 inch disc. Dip into dry flour to prevent it from sticking to the surface.
3. Coat a thin layer of oil on the disc and sprinkle dry flour onto it.
4. Fold the disc into a semi-circle, coat another thin layer of oil and sprinkle dry flour on it.
5. Fold the semi-circle into a triangle, dip it into dry flour and roll it out into a larger triangle.
6. Place triangle onto a hot tava and flip it once bubbles appear.
7. Wait another 20-30 seconds until it starts to puff up. With a butter knife, gently open up the top layer of the triangle to form a pocket.
8. Pour in approx. 1/2 egg worth of mixture into the pocket and close it.
9. Allow it to cook on low flame for 20-30 seconds and gently flip it without letting all of the egg mixture spill out. A little will ooze out but that’s ok.
10. Cook once again, pressing slightly until all of the raw egg is cooked inside.
11. Serve immediately or keep in an insulated container until ready to serve.
12. Tastes great with Ketchup or chutney.

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0 thoughts on “Masala Egg Paratha

    1. Hi Usha,

      The ones without handles can be found at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or Ikea. The ones with the handles are salt shakers…I think stores like Walmart will have them.

  1. I made the paratha but didn’t see any pockets open to pour the egg mixture.
    I am sure I coated a thin layer of oil on disc and sprayed a little flour on it.
    What did I miss?
    Please help! Waiting to try again…

    1. Hi Guru,

      Did the paratha puff up? If so, the pocket is there, it just needs a little help opening up. You can take the edge of a sharp knife and help it open.

  2. Hi

    I tried this and it came out good,thank you for the reciepe. But one thing I found difficult to cut it and it constantly tore instead of the fine cut I saw in the video, and since the rotis were hot, my hand were burning. Is there anyother way to stuff the paratha?


  3. Hi Hetal & Anuja,
    great idea to use up leftover onion-tomato kosimbir too.
    Love your site.I check every other day for the latest addition.All my American colleagues are hooked on to it too. The rasmalais are coming out wonderful too.
    God Bless You!!!

  4. This is a little variation to what is sold as ‘Egg Rolls’ in the streets of Calcutta. It is an extremely popular item among the young generation and an all-time favorite for Calcuttans (like me) 🙂

    Thanks for this great recipe!

  5. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    This is Mithila, and I am a big fan of your show. I have one request for you. Can you show us a recipe about Mughlai Paratha. I like Mughlai paratha but don’t know how to make it at home. So, if you could show us a recipe about that, then that’d be very good. Thanks.

  6. what is the disc called that you use to roll out the bread? I live in Hawaii and i’m looking to purchase one like it.

  7. I’ve been searching around your website since I found your Idli recipe on YouTube and I really love the recipes and the easy to follow videos you’ve put up. I live in Japan and the misconception is that Indian food is just and only curry and so with your web tutorials I’ve been able to broaden my family’s and friends’ minds.

    I have to tell you I made these for breakfast today and they were such a hit! Thank you both for having put up such an awesome website.

  8. Awesome ladies… I was thinking today to make some easy recipe and came across this..will try out right now…yeppi !! 🙂

  9. Awesome recipe.Cant wait to try it.Always have problems thinking of an easy and different way for breakfast other than omlettes and this looks really good.
    I do have a request for another recipe.If possible, Plse try and post a recipe for Egg Kathi rolls too with Paneer or Chicken stuffing.

  10. hi,

    this is about khandvi, it really came out professional.

    i make it a point to check out one recipe every day of your show.

    Delhi, India

  11. Hello Ladies!

    I tried this receipe and loved it. So creative. I love watching you Indian ladies do Indian cooking! It adds an extra touch! Feel homesick thinking of my beautiful country, India! Thank you for sharing.

    I always wanted to learn Gujarati cooking and now it great you have it on your website. Thank you, again!

  12. Hi girls
    1. I used to make egg parantha but never thought of this filling. Great ideas and probably the filling will help from spilling the egg. Thanks.
    2. Sometimes I plan to cook something and realize that I am missing on some of the ingredients, oops, for those days can I have your contact number please. 3. Loved your Tuesday tips

    Thanks again. Happy cooking.

  13. Hello H & A,

    This receipe is absoultely brillant. Me and my Hubby watched it online and when we tried in our kitchen. It came out to be absolutely delicious.Would like to thank you two for this wonderful dish.

  14. Hello Hetal and Anuja
    This was such a simple yet intersting verson of a paratha.
    I am going to try it first thing tomorrow morning for breakfast.
    Thanks a lot for sharing wonderful recipes.

  15. wow, I loved your egg pockets, we can stuff anything in the small pockets, egg and aloo, spinach and cheese..hmmm..maybe when angry you can stuff your children and husbee too..voila!
    liked it…mmm

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