Zair – Lime Mocktail/Cocktail

I encountered this cocktail drink in an obscure Doon (Dehradun) Club in northern India in my teenage years, mock-tail because I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol. The taste, and especially the name (sounds like Zeher, or poison), stayed in my memory. I finally recreated that excellent drink based on what I remember it tasted like. It tastes fantastic with or without alcohol and is the perfect choice to serve with an Indian meal.


1. Frozen Limeade concentrate (NOT lemonade)
2. 7-up or Sprite or Ginger Ale chilled
3. Kala Namak (Black Salt) or Chaat Masala
4. Ice
5. Dash of Vodka – optional


1. Partially defrost the frozen limeade and add 2 tablespoons of the concentrate to a glass.
2. Add 1/4 teaspoon of Kala Namak (Black Salt) or Chaat Masala
3. Add a dash of vodka – if you want
4. Stir
5. Add chilled 7-up or Sprite or Ginger Ale
6. Add Ice


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25 thoughts on “Zair – Lime Mocktail/Cocktail

  1. Hi,

    Can you please tell me the name of the store from where I can find Limeaid. I tried in shoprite, they have frozen lemonade or frozen magaritas. Can I use frozen lemonade.


    1. Hi Sonu,

      We have seen them at Kroger and Walmart. Lemonade can be used but it has a distinctly different taste.

  2. Hi Hetal/Anuja…

    Thanks for the grt help…..

    you can try one more this kinda refreshing drink…try and let me know:

    1. 1tsp lemon juice.
    2. 1tsp jaljeera powder.
    3. finely chopped coriander
    4. 7up or Sprite or Pepsi
    5. Ice

    1. Hi Sruthi,
      Chaat Masala needs a lot of different and unusual types of salt which even in India are hard to come by easily 🙁 Your best bet is to get the ready made one.

  3. This is amazing, and with a twist you could make the Shirley temple:
    orange juice, sprite (or any lemon flavored carbonated beverage), and syrup 🙂

  4. Obscure ….! HELLOOOOO! Doon Club been there for over 100yrs. Thanks for the recipe. Will try it asap and convert all of San Diego. Our fav here is Myers Lemon for drinks and or Green Lime cant remember the name fresh squeezed…great trees for your garden ca be grown dwarf or semi dwarf for patio

  5. Hi Tina,

    Black salt is an unrefined mineral salt that is pinkish gray and has a strong sulfuric flavor. As strange as that may sound, it gives certain Indian dishes (chaat, for example) the unique flavor. It is also considered to be a cooling spice in ayurvedic medicine and is used as a laxative and digestive aid.

    It is a key ingredient in this recipe so plain salt will not be a good substitute. You can find it at any Indian grocery store (aka kala namak or sanchal).

  6. HEY hi cooking stars,

    I just made the drink,it was yummy.I felt to thank u both for giving immediate reply on how to make limeade concentrate.Thank u so much.

    I am just loving this site .It has made my life of cooking easy.I never knew ABC of cooking.Now i am doing so many dishes.My mom is only praising me.She never believed i could ever cook.I only used to get shoutings while cooking with her.Now I rule and she listens to me.Yipeeeee… u both & i have also prayed to Jesus that u may go a long way making many more peoples life easy.

    I have told my friends & cousions far & near to check out thius site they too r loving it.

    Anyways c u soon.Now i am planning to do some dish in appetizer.


  7. The thickness of the syrup is not important. It is more important to make sure that the ratio of sweet and sour is according to your taste. There is no need to heat the ingredients.

  8. how is it possible to make mixture of lemon juice and sugar of thick consistency,is it by heating?

    Waiting for ur reply.

  9. SDZG:
    No, it does not need to be thick. Make sure that the powdered sugar is mixed in well and the syrup is of ‘sticky’ consistency. In 2 tbsps or lime juice, I would add 2 tbsps of powdered (castor) sugar. Hope this helps.

    1. This doesn’t have to do with this recipe although it is amazing but, i see you’ve done a video on homemade curry powered can do one on how to make chai masala. please and thank you

  10. Limeade is just lime juice with powdered sugar in it. It is very easy to make at home…we just took the easy (read lazy) way out;-)

  11. Hi anuja & hetal,

    This sounds very interesting.But I could not find limeade concetrate in the place I live.Is there any substitute for this?Is it possible to make at home ?Please elaborate & explain.

  12. hi i have grown up in dehradoon so iam well aware of its refreshing taste. regarding its name, its always been a mesmerising thing since childhood.hats off for recreating it and bringing its fond memories back.

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