Instant Coffee (aka Dalgona Coffee)

Instant coffee doesn’t have to be a teaspoon of instant coffee powder mixed with milk or water. Try this interesting method to make a superior cup of instant coffee.
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Dalgona Frothy Coffee | Homemade Whipped Cappuccino


Instant Coffee – 1 tsp per serving
Milk – 3/4 cup
Sugar – to taste
Water – few drops or as needed


1. In a coffee cup or mug, add Instant Coffee and Sugar.
2. Add few drops of water at a time to make the coffee/sugar mixture into a thick paste.
3. With a spoon, keep whipping the mixture until it becomes light and frothy (it should cling to the spoon).
4. Add very hot milk and mix through.
5. Transfer the coffee from one cup to another (at some height) until bubbles form.
6. Serve immediately.

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