0 thoughts on “Hetal Whining

  1. Can you share the recipe then with me for the nankatai biscuits that are soo good. I al looking a nice recipe I once tasted one that had channa flour in to…..

  2. Hey Ladies,

    Love your videos and recipes well now ofcourse the audio!
    I just had to add my 2cents here… Hetal, you are so right about how people get so touchy about their recipes… I had this lady refuse the Nankatai recipe on my face at a party! Just to get back at her… I found the recipe made it and served it to her at another occasion…. that was a million dollar face! Even her husband thought mine came out like he remembered eating in India…. I am sure he didn’t get any action for a really long time!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey,

    I have gone through this…Someone who made some really tasty quiche on her daughter’s bday. I kept asking her for the recipie and at first she told its easy nothing much…etc…and kept ignoring then she gave me something else yarr. I felt so bad….

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