Vegetable Quesadilla

Vegetable Quesadillas are a wonderful vegetarian menu choice at Mexican restaurants. Now, you can enjoy this Tex Mex favorite at home with your choice of vegetables.


Oil – for sauteing vegetables
Green (Spring) Onions
Tomatoes – diced
Bell Pepper – diced
Green Chilies – finely chopped
Spinach – chopped
Mushrooms – sliced
Salt – to taste
Garlic Powder – to taste
Red Chili Flakes – to taste
Flour Tortillas
Cheese (your choice -Cheddar/Monterrey Jack/Colby)- shredded
Oil – for pan frying


1. Use as much or as little of the vegetables as you prefer.
2. Heat Oil in a non-stick pan.
3. Add all of the vegetables and saute for 1-2 minutes.
4. Add Salt, Garlic Powder and Red Chili Flakes.
5. Continue cooking until most of the juices dry up. Keep mixture aside.
6. Heat Oil in a non-stick skillet
7. Place one flour tortilla over the oil and immediately flip over.
8. Cook until light golden brown.
8. Flip over and spread cheese over the tortilla.
9. Spread vegetable mixture over the cheese.
10. Cover with another tortilla.
11. Spread a little oil over the top of second tortilla and flip over.
12. Cook until tortilla is light golden brown and cheese is melted.
13. Cut into quarters and serve hot with salsa, sour cream or guacamole.

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  2. Hi Hital and Anuja,
    I love the recipe and i am planning to do it on my sons birthday party . my question is what i have to do to keep them crispy for a long time( since the dinner may start at 8 pm and i have finish cooking it by 4 pm. )

    and i am planning to add mushroom, carrots, potatoes, capsicum and spinach. so can i add all the above vegetables

    It will be great if you help me with my questions.


    1. Hi Pavi,
      I think I answered your question on FaceBook but incase you did not get it:

      Unfortunately, for Quesadillas it is best cooked last min

      You can, however, try this a couple of days ahead and see how it works:
      make the Quesadillas ahead and then put them in a single in the oven (on broil) and heat for just a couple of minutes each side and allow them to crisp up and serve imm.

      Try this out BEFORE the party and see how it works out – this is a suggestion, we have never tried it but think it will work.

      Happy Birthday to your son and Happy Cooking!

  3. Came out really well, thank you! This is such a quick weekday meal. I used a little ricotta cheese as a spread. For the veggies/filling : bell peppers, onions, cabbage, carrot,zuccini, spinach and some home-made tomato salsa. Yumm! The husband loved it and so did I.

  4. Awesome…I have made it for guests… I kept filing ready n made tortilla on two skillets when we were ready for dinner.. Awesome recipie

  5. I tried them n used laughing cow cheese n jalapeño pickles… It turned out yummmmm thanks for sharing 🙂

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