Pineapple Cheese Appetizer Recipe for the Holidays

With so many holiday parties coming up, we can never have enough easy to make appetizers or finger foods. I love how the little sliver of jalapeΓ±os balances out the sweetness of the Pineapple, the subtle hints of ginger at the end… and not to mention the presentation – just WOW! Do we have you salivating?
Try this simple pineapple and cheese appetizer recipe with a little zing and set your holiday spread apart from the rest.

Ingredients: All ingredients are to taste

Fresh Pineapple cut into bite sized chunks
Ginger – finely grated
Green/Red Chilies – finely chopped
Red Onion – thinly sliced
Lime Juice
Cheese Cubes (Pepper Jack, Monterrey Jack, Cheddar, etc)


1. Mix all of the ingredients (except Cheese and Crackers) together and allow to marinate for 1 hour if time permits (Can be served immediately).
2. Using a long toothpick, skewer a chunk of Pineapple and a cube of Cheese and serve on a cracker. For added effect, be sure to place onion slices and bits of chilies over the pineapple when serving.

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0 thoughts on “Pineapple Cheese Appetizer Recipe for the Holidays

  1. Hi Hetal/Anuja! Thanks so much! loved the idea, my mouth was watering just by seeing the video. I cannot express how much I like your videos, I have so many wonderful cooking possibilities thanks to you! Love your creativity and of course benefit from it! Happy Holidays to you and your families!
    Olivia – A Latin American in love with Indian food (and beyond)

  2. thnx Hetal! I also did not know about pineapple and cheese together! looks very yummy, i think i’ll ghave this as a fruitsalad for lunch! Thanks for the ideas. You’re doing fine, xxx

  3. hi hetal… i have been watching your show for quite long time..And i used to like them.. but i no longer like it.. i come to your website on to see old videos. now that Anuja is back in India i have noticed a dip/deterioration in the quality of recipes..this video is like “u put up this video just because u wanted some thing new on ur website there no value add… i would suggest rather dont made such videos you are good with ur old stuff!

    1. Please be kinder, remember visiting this site is voluntary and you can stop anytime you wish! A more kind and polite way to say the same might be “Thank you for this recipe. Us visitors miss Anuja, you must too. I am glad to have the older videos/recipes to revisit, they are such good quality”.

      1. I’d like to hit a like button for this comment. And I agree with mc!

        Hetal ji and Anuja ji,
        You are doing a wonderful job. It takes a lot of time and effort to put up even a simplest video, and a lot of courage to show yourself on internet as well.

        We all love you and please continue posting such wonderful videos and recipes!!

    2. Hi Shetty,

      Have you tried this recipe?
      Anyways, we try and show all kinds of recipes – hard, easy, authentic, fusion because we have all levels of viewers who want all kinds of recipes. At this point with holidays coming up and a lot of parties, we are all scrambling for some different recipes. We are sorry this is not your kind of recipe but pl. be kind and bare when we try to accommodate other viewers tastes.
      Hope you have a great holiday season πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Dee,

      That was the idea of showing this recipe – with holiday parties coming up, we are always looking for fun and interesting recipes, aren’t we all?
      Happy Holiday!

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