Mirchi Bhajji

Cold and rainy days…perfect climate for pakodas or bhajjis (fritters). Try this recipe for our version of mirchi bhajjis (stuffed green chili fritters). It’s the perfect tea time snack – super delicious and guaranteed to hit the spot!


Green Chilies of your choice (de-seeded if you like)

For the Batter:
Besan (Chickpea Flour) – 1 cup
Rice Flour – 2 Tbsp
Salt – to taste
Asafoetida – 1/8 tsp
Red Chili Powder – optional
Baking Soda – 1/4 tsp
Water – 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp
Oil – 1 Tbsp

For Stuffing:
In a small bowl or dish, mix salt, chaat masala, amchur, ajwain. Stuff this mixture into the slit chilies.

Alternate Stuffing:
Add spices(above, plus roasted cumin powder, cilantro) to boiled and mashed potato. Add tamarind paste to give it tartness. Stuff potato mixture into slit chilies.

Oil – for deep frying


1. Begin to heat Oil for deep frying.
2. Wash and slit Green Chilies lengthwise. De-seed if necessary. Keep aside.
3. In a mixing bowl, add Chickpea Flour, Rice Flour, Salt, Asafoetida, Red Chili Powder and Baking Soda. Mix well.
4. Add 1 Tbsp Oil and mix.
5. Add water slowly and form a smooth, lump free batter.
6. Dip the stuffed chilies into the batter (one at at time), shake off excess and drop carefully into the hot oil.
7. Fry until golden on all sides and remove onto a paper towel lined plate.
8. Serve hot with ketchup or chutney.

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0 thoughts on “Mirchi Bhajji

  1. Hi Girls,

    The recipe above is similar to what I follow, except that i also add powdered roasted chana to the stuffing mixture, not sure whats its common name. You guys have really wonderful recipes and I have tried out many of these. Great job

    1. Hi Kshipra,

      The rice flour changes the texture of the coating to make it crispy. You can find rice flour at your local Indian grocery store in America.

  2. Hi Hetal n Anuja,
    I’m new to your website introduced by a friend and have tried couple of recipes.
    Yesterday I made this following all the steps..gosh so easy and tasted awesome. The better half loved it 😀 . Though I followed according to your instructions but I feel the lady above is right …the batter did need to be a bit thicker.
    Thanks heaps for doing all this to make life easier for the rest of us. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!

  3. I love your site.Just wanted to give you few suggestions.Besan batter should never be too thin.It has to coat the vegetable especially mirchi bajji.
    Add slightly powdered ajwain to the besan and it will give you extra taste.

  4. love your style of presentation and you guys gel well and are genuine.so 4get the negative comments.we love it here.It was a simple superb recipe.will surely try.

  5. I love ur mirchi bhajji Hetal and Anuja….and i must say i love ur cooking..U two are just fantastic…Love u..

  6. hi ladies..

    i totally agree with u anuja.. hetal’s got a beautiful accent.. 🙂 mite sound funny, but i actually try to talk like her.. lolzzzzzzz.. i simply love the way she talks..
    & not only hetal but even i love d way anuja talks.. u both simply rock.. 🙂
    yummy recipe.. i make mirchi bhajis the same way but i fill it up with grated cheese, salt pepper,oregano n finely chopped green chillies without d seeds.. trust me they taste gr8.. so.. jst thought of sharing it with u guys..

    deepal.. 🙂

    1. Hi Deepal,

      Thanks so much for your support :).

      Your recipe sounds yummy! I’m going to have to try it out! Thanks for sharing.

    2. Common All,
      This is what you say
      Hetal and Anuja both have
      Beautiful accent
      Delicious receipies
      Awesome looks too !!

      1. I have to come up to Hetal’s defence and say that it is a beautiful accent and it is her very own accent! Like we always say…variety is the spice of life! How boring would it be if all of us ate the same, dressed the same, looked the same and talked the same!

        1. I agree with you Anuja. There is nothing unusual about Hetal’s accent. She is very clear and fast. Moreover, her explanatory power is superb and her diction is perfect fit to convey the message in its full essence.

          It is actually the smallest detail which any one would not even think mentioning that helps starters like us as her explanation is not theoretical but applied on practical grounds.

          I am basically from India (born and brought up) I haved lived in India throughout except for last couple of years since when I am in UK. I am not familiar to American English, still I follow her word to word very clearly…:)

          Hetal you are doing an excellent job and please keep going without any hesitation. Words, language and accent are just a medium to convey your message to others. Your messages are reaching us very clearly without any T&D losses 🙂

          You are not a language or accent teacher that you have to focus on that. You are teaching us how to cook good food and make ourselves and our families happy and healthy.
          So go on with your UNIQUE & BINDAAS STYLE.

    1. Thanks Anuja and Rohini for the support…means a lot to me.

      Alice…I’m sorry you are offended by my accent but like I say over and over, our accents are a result of our surroundings, not our ethnicity. It’s not something we can change unless we actively try to do so. I, for one, am sticking to mine.

    2. ALICE,


    3. Alice,

      Please do not get caught up in judging anyone on any level. We must try to focus inwards to improve ourselves not others. Plus, Hetal has a beautiful accent.

      Alice, kindly, think twice before making such comments.

    4. Pleaaaase, if the accents bothering you how do cope in the world????There are millions of different accents out there and they are part of a persons story, it makes the world a spicier place. Shame on you,hope i never have to meet people like you……

      1. alice

        u deserve this offence,,,, hetal is very clear and delivers what ever in her heart to us ,,,,, even my 6 yr old daughter can understand her words,, i dont know whats wrong wid u, just grow up and try to improve urselff, try to complement them for their work,, pls pls no such meaning less critiques

        REQ: hetal and anuja cant you delete these stupid comments as these kinda guys were trying to spoil ur reputation,,,

        Hetal one more thing, u be the way ur now, u just don need to change for someone,,, just do whatever u think is correct

        1. Hi Amulya,

          Thanks so much for supporting me 🙂

          Unless there is bad language, we usually do not delete any of our comments. We feel that people have a right to express their opinions (good or bad). At least we get a chance to explain ourselves to them and others.

  7. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    I have a general question about oil used for deep frying? I find I don’t do a lot of frying because (a) I don’t know how much oil to use (b) What should I do with the oil that’s left in the kadai? Any tips?


    1. Hi Hina,

      I have similar issues with frying so I also don’t fry often. The only tip I can offer is to clump a few frying things at once. Usually, they say that you should not re-use fried oil again once it has cooled down. Something gets altered in the chemical composition of the oil, making is unhealthy for the arteries. For example, I always make and fry paneer first when I have some other frying to do. Frying paneer doesn’t ruin the oil and you can freeze the fried paneer for later use. While the oil is still hot, I continue to fry whatever else I have planned. Finally, I fry papad or other things that really ruin the oil last. This way, I get the most of my oil.

      Regarding how much oil to use, it really depends on what you are frying. For the most part, your item does not have to be totally submerged in the oil. You can always flip it mid way. It’s a great way to use less oil.

  8. wow looks great ! another mouth watering recipe !

    thank you very much..just for this reciepe instead of saying “adding a pinch of spice to your life ” you should say adding a bunch of spice to your life ! lol !!!!
    cheers !!

    1. Hi Alexa,

      Yes, you can make thick slices of the bell pepper and kind of “mold” the potato mixture on the insides. If you completely cover the entire thing with the batter, it should work just fine.

  9. Yummmmyyyy! After the bajjis are done, i usually make a slit and i stuff it with a mixture of finely chopped onions mixed with chaat masala and lime. The potato stuffing seems to be another great variation. cant wait to try it!

  10. Hey Girls,

    How are you?
    Cannot wait to try this as my mouth is still full of water while I am typing the message.

    But one thing that is troubling me since yesterday is that whenever I visit your website it is overcome by the sound of an interactive advertisement from itunes which is labelled “we the kings”. Your voice is overpowered by this ad and frustrates me a lot. It seems stubborn and does not get closed many a times.

    Please if you can do something regarding this, then look into the matter.


    1. Hi Rohini,

      Thanks for some good feedback. Many times, we are not aware of the ads that show up on our site because they keep rotating and we do not get a chance to see all of them. Did you say that there is no “X” button to turn it off? We will see what we can do about it. Thanks again.

      1. Hi Hetal,

        Thank God you read my comment and responded to my problem. Yes I mean there is no “X” button to close it. It is happening today as well. I am visiting other sites too to confirm if it is a problem on my netbook but the advertisement shows up only on SMTC. PLease fix it as soon as possible Coz I am addicted to your website and have to view it compulsively every day.

        Take care not to allow such ads to be shown on your site Pleeeeease for Your viewer’s sake.

        Thanks a lot!

        1. Hi Rohini,

          One more question… do you by chance remember which ad it was (company or product)? That would help us address the issue sooner.

          Thanks for your help in this matter.

        2. Hi Hetal,

          The problem of this add has become untreatable. It just has a pause button and gets on automatically after every few minutes. Even just now it is going on and I had to mute the volume of my laptop to help me concentrate in typing this to you as the music is too loud, harsh and frustrating.

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          Please do something to fix it.

          1. Thanks Rohini,

            Since we are not based in the UK, we were unable to see the ad you mentioned. However, we have tried to change some things on our end hoping it will fix the problem. Please let us know if you still see the ad. Thanks again for your help.

        3. Hi Hetal,

          I am sorry to say that the stubborn ad is still there. It is creating a lot of disturbance and does not let me hear your voice. Just gets on automatically. I love to come to your site and learn new things and refer the old recipes, but now its becoming very difficult. I have tried to log on to your website from a different laptop as well, thinking there might be a problem in mine but the ad is visible on any other computer as well 🙁 Though you have checked it on your side, still if you could again try it and fix it for me. It would be great.

          Thanks and hoping to get rid of thid ad soon.

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