Introducing Allergy Free Recipes on SMTC is very proud to introduce Mangala Deshmukh. Mangala Aunty will be joining our team and help us and our viewers with Allergy-Free recipes. We have had some phenomenal feedback from viewers who have to deal with this and we are seeing this becoming more and more common. Please feel free to ask questions or give your input about recipes or tips. This is an open discussion and you as our viewers are a very important part.
Welcome Mangala Deshmukh!

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83 thoughts on “Introducing Allergy Free Recipes on SMTC

  1. Thanks a ton for posting your allergy free recipes. I have a 3 year old son who is allergic to wheat and your recipes are a blessing. i’ve even tried your rainbow puris with a lot of success.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful service that you are providing for the whole community

  2. Hi, You guys should add some egg free recipes or try to give some tips on alternatives we can use in our desi cooking. My one year daughter has eczema and it gets worse even she eats stuff she is allergic to. At this young age it’s hard to know what she is allergic to. But egg and peanut is confirmed. Since I breastfeed I cant eat food with eggs in them, so I try to make stuff at home. I am still learning to cook because I just recently moved out. I try to make stuff, find recipes online, but I have failed most of the time and wasted so much food. Mostly I am looking for recipes thAt are egg free, use of whole grains, less dairy and fiber rich recipes because after the birth of my daughter I have been suffering through severe constipation which I feel is mostly due to the dairy. I have consulted with the doctor here in the US but they just try to treat not help you with prevention. So I have been doing my own search and experiments. I have not been able to find a lot of recipes since I have to be very careful on what I can use. I hope you guys can help me out on this search.

  3. Thanks a lot for allergy free introduction.One of our twin son has a wheat allergies.It will be great if you can post more of Gluten free receipes.Got to know wheat allergies is getting common,specially kids having Ezcema,Asthma.

    We look f/w for more receipes and making our life easy.


  4. hi hetal n anuja
    Jus few months bac i found your website for some recipes n again today i wanted a recipe n I was so very happy to see introduction of allergy free baby is 9mnths old and suspect milk, soy n wheat allergy and some fruit allergy but it has not been confirmed yet thro test.but I hav been noting some allergic reaction n avoiding.pls can you give allergy free recipes for my 9mnth old baby with jus two lower 2 teeth!I was totally stressed about what food to give other than jus baby rice cereal n few veggies n fruits.2 main things i want to know if beef and a grain called quinoa anywhere in the allergens list?if there is milk allergy then beef will be allergic?pls do reply.looking forward to your allergy free recipes.God Bless You.

  5. Hi Hetal & Anuja,
    Thanks a lot for allergy free introduction. My son who is 1 and half years old has dairy, nuts and egg allergies.inspite of that he is a very very poor eater. confined to few foods he is not gaining any weight and also proper height this makes us cry in the heart all the time. I am praying to god evryday that he should outgrow of these allergies. I think god has listened to my words and made you do this.

    Thanks a lot

  6. please read
    Hi Hetal , Anuja and Mangala ji – I do make a lot of recipes that are gluten and lactose free as my husband has celiac disease (gluten , dairy intorence ). i live in Irving Texas and was wondering if there is a way that i can be a part of this allergy free segment.Please let me know via email.

    Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you.
    P.S – this is one of the best websites i have come across !!

    – Sheetal

  7. Hi,

  8. Congratulations Mangal, Anuja and Hetal. Very thoughtful to include allergy free section in this website. Mangal’s dedicated effort for a long time is seen fruitful and I trust it will be useful to many moms. Wish you all the best.

  9. Great job Mangal,
    What a wonderful job you are doing ! Serving kids with healthy, good and allergy free food is every mother’s concern and with your guidance, many kids are going to not only have that but also learn to appreciate, especially the Indian food as well.

  10. Hi!my little daughter is a patient of thalassemia major and as treatment she used to have blood transfusion every month.Food containing Iron is very dangerous for her.Please suggest me some recipes that are Iron free and which will help her.She is 3yrs old.

  11. This is a very nice addition to SMTC. My heart just goes out to all those children who are suffering. It will help millions of viewers out there who have allergies, but also it will help others in trying new recipes as well.

    I am proud of you guys for broadening your horizons.

    1. Aisha,
      Sorry, you cannot eat anything that you are allergic to as it can have serious consequences. There is a variety of food out there, so just enjoy what you CAN eat!

  12. Hi anuja or hetal
    Thanks for introducing this session of allergy free receipes.I have a 2 year girl who has eczema and food allergy to all the things that mangala aunty told.Till now iam giving her rice related foods to keep her rashes under control.But my family loves wheat in any form of food.We feel very guilty to eat before my daughter as she loves paratha or roti that we eat..She gets very tempted too..Iam a person who has started learning cooking only now..So i dont have any idea of allergy free cooking..I will be very thankful to managala aunty and SMTC team if i learn something for my baby which makes her tongue happy and rashes under control .

    1. Ramya,
      Just wait till Hetal and Anuja put up my wheat free chapati recipe. You will be able to make puris and parathas also with my wheat free flour mix. I do this all the time for my grandson.
      Tell me if your daughter likes the wheat free chapatis.

  13. Hi,
    my name is Pritam Ramteke I live in Mumbai , India . I have a 10 year old son who has been diagnosed as having celiac disease ,he is allergic to gluten and has severe symptoms when he ingests gluten which sometimes needs hospitalization.
    He loves pani puri pls give me the recipe for gluten free puri used in pani puri.

    1. I have given a recipe for creating a gluten free flour mix, with which you might be able to make the pani puri kind of puris. I have not tried those yet, but I will sometime soon. Hetal and Anuja will soon be putting up this flour recipe.
      all the best

  14. This is a nice addition but also try recipes for diabetics.. because diabetes is lot more common among people these days and indian food with low carb and no sugar is hard to imagine.. I struggle a lot in finding sugarfree indian/vegetarian recipes… thanks

  15. Hi Everyone,
    This is such a great concept you guys have and now your team is going to be even more helpful to everyone.

    You guys are great team! Keep up the great job!!!

  16. hi
    let me know which vegetable chopper is good for indian cooking will helpful for me if anyone answer for this.
    thanks in advance

  17. Thanks so much for this! This is such a great news for moms like me with kids having food allergies. I’m practically running out of nutri-delicious recipes for my boy who is pretty much allergic to any basic ingredient one can think of. Hope this will be a life-saver for me. Thanks again!

    ~ Mom in distress

  18. Two bits of info that may be helpful in this endeavor:

    1. cook’s thesaurus at -this website has been very helpful to me in substituting ingredients.

    2. My friend and her three girls have restrictive food allergies. She told me that many people think that eggs are a dairy product. They are not.

    Hope these can help a bit.
    On a different note.
    I am very happy with your website and service you provide. Both of you are delightful – your email updates are one of the few I look forward to receiving.
    My best to you and yours.

  19. Express “Butter” chicken, made with coconut (which isn’t a nut) milk

    800g chicken
    2 x small tins of tomato paste ( or 1 large one, I just happened to have 2 small ones!)
    1 can of coconut milk
    1 tsp garlic powder ( or equivalent fresh)
    1 tsp onion powder ( ” “)
    1/2 tsp turmeric
    1/2 tsp cayenne
    1 tsp coriander powder
    1 tsp cumin powder
    *(garam masala)
    *(lemon juice)
    Coriander leaves

    *optional, to taste


    Preheat oven to 450F

    Cut chicken into bite size pieces.
    Combine all other ingredients except coriander leaves together in a bowl. Mix well.
    Spread mixture over chicken pieces in a roasting pan sufficient to hold it, and that can be covered with foil.
    Place foil covered pan in preheated oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes.
    Uncover pan, and continue to cook an additional 10-15 minutes until chicken is done, and gravy becomes thick.
    Garnish with coriander, and serve!

  20. thanks so much for the new segment of allergy free foods…my daughter is allergic to whole lot of things so this would help me a lot…thanks again

  21. Thank you so much for including this section.My friends son has celiac disease(Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. The damage is due to a reaction to eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats).He is even allergic to milk,almonds and eggs.Please help.He is just 3 yr old.My heart goes out to this child and also to his parents.He loved cakes n ice creams.Could u please help with some yummy recipes for him.Thanks once again

  22. Thank you so much for including this section.My friends son has celiac disease(Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. The damage is due to a reaction to eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats).He is even allergic to milk,almonds and eggs.Please help.He is just 3 yr old.My heart goes out to this child and also to his parents.He loved cakes n ice creams.Could u please help with some yummy recipes for him.Thanks once again

    1. Please tell your friend not to lose heart. Let us focus on what the child can eat. My grandson has those same allergies and more. My aim is to make sure that these kids are happy with what they eat.

  23. thank u daughter has asthma and allergic to eggs and seseme seeds.sometimes she asks me when she can have cake like every one else.i feel so bad whenever she ask me that.when i made your date and walnut cake she felt so happy that she can have cake whenever she wanted.looking for more recipes without eggs.

  24. Thanks for introducing this segment. My 2 year old is allergic to dairy/dairy products. We hardly eat out because everything has milk. Imagine a child not having to eat pizza, cake, mac/cheese etc. Some of them dont taste good with dairy substitutes, but there is no harm in trying them for a child who has never had these foods.

    1. Dairy free pizzas are available in the frozen food sections of specialty food stores. Soy cheese is also available. As for cakes, we’ll make sure your child will be able to have those. Even macaroni can be made in different ways, apart from the traditional mac cheese, so your child will be able to have a mac variation while others around her have mac cheese. We have to produce great taste and nutrition within limited parameters!

      1. Alpa,
        I make pizza at home for my son, who is allergic to dairy. Instead of cheese, I use roux (white sauce) made by frying 1-2 tsp of all purpose flour in oil and adding oat milk or rice milk to thicken the sauce and add salt and spices. I top it over the pizza to make a look alike pizza. My son loves it and thinks it is a regular pizza he has.

  25. Thanks for introducing allergy free recipies. Waiting to try some of these as quite a few friends suffer from allergies to various foods. Congratulations on adding this section. Would like you to know that every recipe that I have tried has been a success.

  26. Hetal and Anuja,
    Am sure this will help a lot of moms like me, with kids who have allergies. My son is allergic to diary, soy, coconut and all nuts. Am sure I’ll get help from your recipes, as I keep looking for variations for him all the time. Thanks for this thoughtful move.

  27. Reading comments from viewers who have allergies is very moving. H&A, very nice of you to include this new topic to your website. I am sure you will be helping lot of moms and their children (and ofcourse adults too).

    A word of caution though, please make sure the substitutes you recommend are infact safe substitues.

    Best wishes to you both and all the viewers who have allergies. I hope they are able to enjoy different dishes with alternatives.

    1. Certainly! We should use utmost caution before trying out anything new! Often foods have misleading names, (durum, semolina are both wheat products), and often even products like soy sauce are fermented in wheat. We have to be careful.

  28. So glad you have invited Mangalaji to your family to help us. Yes it is so true about inclusion. Thank you so much for addressing this – I love rice too but you’re correct, how much of it can we eat.

  29. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    I love your website and use it quite often. Thanks for the wonderful work that u guys are doing and am very sure that mangala aunty and the new segment of allergy foods will be a good addition and helpfull to alot of people who are living with different types of allergies. I am one of them who always is searching and experimenting on different foods for my daughter suffers from urticaria and potatoes (root produce). I am looking forward to this new addition. Welcome mangala aunty and thanks to Hetal and Anuja for the gr8 job u guys are very popular in friend circle.

  30. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    Love your blog and videos! Keep up the great job! It would be great if you could add some gluten free recipes or maybe just notes in the existing recipes for gluten free ingredients for those of us who have celiac disease (an autoimmune disease) and have had to eliminate gluten totally from our diets. Thank you in advance.

  31. I live alone and don’t have any alergies (at least none that you are likely to use), but thank you so much for being responsible and caring for those that do.

  32. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    What a fabulous idea !!! SMTC Rocks .. and also a gr8 thankyou to Mangala Aunty. Waiting for the recipes .. specially ’cause I am terribly allergic / intolerant to lactose. I love dairy products in all forms except direct milk .. and I am facing a lot of problems ’cause I just can’t resist my temptation to eating those stuff. God Bless you girls …. Thanks once again …

  33. Hi Hetal & Anuja

    You both are doing a wonderful job.This will help me to cook for my daughter.she is allergy to Wheat,Nuts,Milk,Soy,Egg.
    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo Much

  34. Hi,
    You both are doing a wonderful job.Also I Welcome to Mangala to SMTC. I am eagerly looking forward to your allergy free section. I am allergic to coconut and eggs. Any suggestions on that would be helpful. Being from South India our cooking involves the use of coconut in almost all the recipes. Want to know what’s the alternative to coconut?

    Thank you for your time & response in advance.
    Keep Rocking !!

    1. Try adding a little cream to the curries which require coconut, since dairy is fine with you.
      It will give a similar richness of taste. I am afraid there is no real substitute for grated coconut toppings. Perhaps you could try some munchies like sev or crumbled ‘murku’ with your upma, sprouts etc. Not to worry, though, there is plenty out there which you CAN have!
      Mangala Deshmukh

    2. Hi Jayashree
      regarding an alternative to coconut, in case of curries wherein you grind the coconut, try grinding almonds instead. Soak in hot water for a bit before hand for ease in ginding.

      1. Nuts are a major allergenic food, therefore I do not use any nuts in my recipes or substitution suggestions.
        If you want to use nuts, even cashewnut paste is a good alternative.

  35. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    Thank you for introducing allergy free section, I am really excited about it since my 2 year old son is allergic to all top 8 allergens and some more also and feeding him variety of food is a big challenge for me. I am constantly on the lookout for the allergy free recipes…. I am really looking forward to this section….


  36. A fan of yours for a year, I want to learn about Indian cooking, but gluten in the recipes has been a problem. I much welcome the addition of Mangala to your very wonderful site.

  37. “Allergy Free” Vow!

    Please include recipes with no use of nuts…specially subsitute of cashew paste…have a child with life threating
    allergy to nuts.

    1. NS,
      Using a dash of cream instead of cashew paste works well, if there is no issue with dairy. I will definitely include nut free recipes on SMTC.

  38. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    First of All let me congratulate you for having such a gr8 website, my kids just loved your recepies and show me the curry rocks in my house :). Secondly i am so excited to know that you will be adding such a NEW, NICE AND VERY IMPORTANT section “Allergy Free Recipes” i feel blessed and cant wait to have recipes. I have a 7 yrs old daughter Aastha and she is allergic Not Intolerance but allergic to Milk and all the milk products, i mean all the Dairy products and since last 7 yrs i am cooking for her dairy free food. But when she see Pizza and cream cake which her friends eat and she cant Bhatoora which contains Yoghurt she cant and many such things , make our heart cry. Since last 7 yrs whenever we go out in reaturant i cook food for her at home and then serve in the restaurant plate, she cant enjoy party food coz u never know.. i always carry her medicines with me. All said and done ,,a child is a child , like other child my child also wants to eat ice cream , she also wants to have cake and pizza and others. Please help me. Really looking forward for this section and i will be Thankful to Mangala Deshmukh aunty and Show me the curry team. Lots love , Shraddha.

    1. I have tears in my eyes after reading your comment. Didn’t know people with food allergies bring their own food to the restaurant. I hope your child is well compensated in some other way.
      Wish you all the best!

    2. Shraddha,
      I can relate to what you are going through. My son has similar allergies and we carry the Epipen with us all the time. I have an older daughter who is perfectly allergy-free and can have everything and my son, who can eat very just rice and wheat. He is also mildly allergic to wheat, but doesn’t react much to it. He reacts really bad and just by touching milk products, he will develop hives and breathing problems. So, we don’t go to restaurants fearing he might touch or get in contact with some dairy product. I wish you good luck and hope your daughter outgrows her allergies soon.

    3. Shraddha,
      I will be putting up as many dairy free recipes as I can. Meanwhile, do look into natural food stores which stock dairy free pizzas in the frozen foods section. Dairy free frosting can also be made for cakes (I will do that soon). You child will feel good to have it on her cakes. It is good policy to carry meals to restaurants. Make a favorite dish or two to carry, similar to the restaurant cuisine, so kids feel good about what they are eating. Always be cautious before trying out anything new! Never mind baturas, let’s focus on what she can eat! We might even be able to make baturas without yogurt!

    4. I never knew allergies have so much impact on people’s lives! In past whenever i heard that someone has an allergy from this or that, I took it to so lightly! Now i know what horrors allergies bring to the victims, I am APPALLED at my own ignorance! I mean dairy; I cant imagine any kid’s life without milk and yoghurt! What did you do for Calcium and the necessary Vitamins that go into dairy products? 🙁

      I pray to God that your daughter feels better and that no one has to go through this!

  39. This will be an excellent feature. I have always wondered why more Indian cooks don’t discuss how to adjust Indian cuisine as per individual food allergies. It is easier said than done when trying to follow gluten free or completely dairy free diet while still trying to recreate Indian flavors. Looking forward to this segment very much. Welcome Mangala!

  40. hi hetal/anuja,

    Thank you so much for introducing allergy-free recipes. This will help a lot of people who are allergic to specific food.

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